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Debunking 5 basic myths about weightlifting

Amid a surfeit of information available, a fitness expert cuts to the chase and demystifies five common misconceptions that beginners have about lifting weights /health/fitness/debunking-myths-weightlifting-bulky-muscles-spot-reduction-riz-sunny-111701550480659.html 111701550480659 story In the realm of fitness, myths and misconceptions about weightlifting abound, often leaving individuals confused about the best ways to achieve their health and fitness goals. Whether it’s […]

72 Weightlifting Terms You Need to Know

Andrew Heffernan CSCS, GCFP To the neophyte, strength training is straightforward: pick up a weight, put it down, get strong. Spend a few weeks or months on the internet or chatting up your new fit-buddies, and you come to realize there’s a whole lot of science, art, and jargon behind the apparent simplicity: compound exercises; […]

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