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Webb telescope captures stunning images of 19 spiral galaxies

The newly released images captured by the James Webb Space Telescope offer clues on star formation as well as galactic structure and evolution /smart-living/innovation/james-webb-telescope-hubble-jwst-spiral-galaxies-111706769571583.html 111706769571583 story A batch of newly released images captured by the James Webb Space Telescope show in remarkable detail 19 spiral galaxies residing relatively near our Milky Way, offering new clues […]

‘Last Swim’ Star Solly McLeod

Naman Ramachandran British actor Solly McLeod‘s career is on an upward trajectory with Berlin-premiering “Last Swim” and Viggo Mortensen-directed “The Dead Don’t Hurt,” which premiered at Toronto 2023 and is bound for Glasgow next. Set over a hot summer day in London as the high-school year is ending, “Last Swim,” from feature debutant Sasha Nathwani, […]

All you need to know about the Geminids meteor shower

At its peak, 150 Geminid meteors, or shooting stars, can be seen every hour under perfect night sky conditions /smart-living/environment/geminids-meteor-shower-meteoroids-space-night-sky-star-111702555121851.html 111702555121851 story Stargazers are in for a treat as the Geminids meteor shower, one of the most awaited meteor showers of the yearm, is set to reach its peak activity on Thursday night. This year, […]

How India’s star archer Deepika Kumari is plotting a comeback

For over a decade, Deepika Kumari has been setting new records in international archery. She speaks to Lounge about her goals and how she’s training /health/fitness/archery-deepika-kumari-olympics-111701162210908.html 111701162210908 story About a year ago, archer Deepika Kumari had to put her bow away, as she awaited the start of another beautiful journey. In December 2022, the Olympian’s […]

Dark Star Buys North American Rights to Kung Fu Comedy ‘Zenithal’

Elskes Dark Star Pictures has acquired North American rights to “Zenithal,” a kung fu comedy directed by Jean-Baptiste Saurel, an up-and-coming filmmaker whose previous short, “The Dickslap,” premiered at Cannes’ Critics Week. “Zenithal” is being represented in international markets by Best Friend Forever, which will unveil an exclusive promo reel at the EFM. Currently in […]

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