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5 handy workouts for the holiday season

Taking off for a holiday this month needn’t mean skipping out on your workout. Lounge lists out five exercises you can try out anywhere you go /health/fitness/workouts-holiday-season-callisthenics-pool-workout-abs-and-core-hiit-111701364420624.html 111701364420624 story With the festive and holiday season in November carrying on into December, it is that time of the year when keeping workouts that you can do […]

A Fierce Performance Punches Up ‘Fargo’ Season 5

Valerie Ettenhofer Five seasons in, one gets the sense that Noah Hawley’s Fargo is in danger of repeating itself. By Valerie Ettenhofer · Published on January 5th, 2024 Welcome to Previously On, a column keeping an eye on the latest returning TV shows. In this edition, Valerie Ettenhofer reviews the fifth season of FX’s Fargo. By now, Fargo is […]

Being single this holiday season might not be all that bad

Christmas movies always show us that being single sucks — but that’s not true /relationships/it-s-complicated/mushy-christmas-movies-relationships-singlehood-holiday-season-111703396255588.html 111703396255588 story Being single sucks. At least that’s the impression you get when watching Christmas movies. So many of these films focus on finding love during the holiday season. But, can you name one about being happily single during the […]

How to prep your skin for the festive season

A quick skincare guide to help you achieve healthy skin at home /fashion/beauty/skincare-beauty-trends-festive-season-111696130117796.html 111696130117796 story As the festive season approaches, there is no better time to optimize your skincare routine to achieve a natural, healthy glow, instead on depending heavily on cosmetic products.  The key lies in prepping your skin adequately. Begin by carefully washing your […]

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