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How much carb loading should you do before a marathon?

If you’re training for a marathon, you need to know how to do carb loading properly. Lounge speaks to nutritionists to find out /health/fitness/fitness-running-marathon-carb-loading-exercise-111708257241428.html 111708257241428 story Back in 2009 when I ran my first Standard Chartered Mumbai half marathon, I kept hearing about carb loading. An online search told me I had to eat pasta, […]

Should you invest in separate training and race day shoes for running?

If you are a runner, investing in separate training and race day shoes can help prevent injuries and, equally importantly, ensure longer lifespans for both the pairs /health/fitness/training-shoes-race-day-shoes-carbon-plate-running-shoes-mumbai-marathon-111705512807832.html 111705512807832 story A new generation of running shoes put carbon plates or rods between our feet and the ground we run on… and changed the world of […]

10 race day things you should (and shouldn’t) do

Running season is at its peak right now. Before you show up for your next race, here are ten things you should keep in mind /health/fitness/fitness-running-marathon-tata-mumbai-marathon-111704905501190.html 111704905501190 story The marathon season is peaking with big races coming thick and fast. The Chennai Marathon was held last week, the Tata Mumbai Marathon is just around the […]

7 pet peeves of marathon runners

Running is a fun sport that nearly anyone can enjoy. However, if you like running marathons, look out for these downers /health/fitness/fitness-running-marathon-half-marathon-tata-steel-kolkata-mumbai-111702988764808.html 111702988764808 story Kolkata, the city I call home, was late to the running party. It was only in December 2014 that the City of Joy finally got its flagship race, the Tata Steel […]

Weekend fitness guide to getting the most out of your workout

Whether you play a sport or whether you just love being active, the Lounge weekend fitness roundup has the best advice for you /health/fitness/fitness-running-ultracycling-exercise-workout-111702643821290.html 111702643821290 story Hello and welcome to another edition of the Lounge Fitness roundup. Every weekend, we bring you the best of our health and fitness stories from the week, stories that […]

Why running up an incline is good for your legs

Fitness coaches and sports therapists recommend that you run up an incline. Lounge looks at the science behind this fitness advice /health/fitness/fitness-running-workout-injury-exercise-111702554545478.html 111702554545478 story For beginners who have just started to run, whether it is on a treadmill or outside, going up an incline can be an intimidating progression. But the fitness world is obsessed […]

5 best sports bra for running you must try!

A sports bra is a must when you are exercising, especially while running. Here are 5 best sports bras for running you must try! Sports bras are a popular choice among women these days. Women must wear a sports bra during any physical activity such as yoga, gym, jogging, cycling, dancing, or sports. It is […]

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