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Finding a good pet-sitter | Mint Lounge

Pet-sitters can be a big help for pet owners. They allow you to take short breaks or leave the house for a while. Having a pet-sitter means your pet can stay in familiar surroundings, but it is crucial to make sure your pet-sitter is well-prepared so that your pet doesn’t feel stressed while you are […]

How to choose the best veterinarian for your pet

Despite my years of experience as a veterinarian, when it comes to my own pets, I’m just like any other pet parent. Seeing my furry companions under the weather turns my heart into a flutter of worry. My pets are family members and when illness strikes, I become a concerned parent first and a veterinarian […]

How to handle your dog’s resource guarding behaviour

Many dogs tend to guard their toys, food, bowls, bed, or even their humans. But it becomes a problem if this habit is extreme /relationships/pets/pets-dog-resource-guarding-training-111705646773251.html 111705646773251 story What is resource guarding? Humans do it all the time. Dogs do it too. They tend to guard their toys, food, bowls, bed, and sometimes even their humans—anything […]

Why it’s important to pet-proof your home

Musafir, my golden retriever, was four months old when we brought him home. Within a week, while I was having breakfast, he wandered into the kitchen and came out with a knife in his mouth. My heart skipped a beat. As a veterinarian, my immediate response was to assess potential risks and scenarios. Thankfully, Musafir […]

A dog is not just your best friend but a good therapist as well

Dogs are highly attuned to their pet parent’s emotions and health conditions. They often respond to low moods with gestures that would benefit their human /relationships/pets/a-dog-is-not-just-your-best-friend-but-a-good-therapist-as-well-111707970261065.html 111707970261065 story My pet, Khal Dogo—an Argentinian Mastiff—came home during the covid-19 pandemic. After almost a year of being stuck indoors, with our fitness levels seriously compromised, my husband […]

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