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Alarming ocean temperatures helped make 2023 the hottest year

In 2023, sea surface temperature and the energy stored in the upper 2000 metres of the ocean both reached record highs /smart-living/environment/ocean-temperature-global-warming-2023-climate-change-111705064520604.html 111705064520604 story Last year was Earth’s hottest on record by a significant margin and possibly the world’s warmest in the last 100,000 years, the European Union’s Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) said earlier […]

Seaweed: The veggie that links ocean and land

Seaweed specialist Vincent Doumeizel says seaweed can be a nature-based solution to all sizes of global challenges and also make agriculture sustainable /smart-living/environment/seaweed-vincent-doumeizel-interview-environment-climate-change-111703237288620.html 111703237288620 story Seaweed is known in India largely as a superfood bringing flavour and health to fine dining, but seaweed specialist Vincent Doumeizel describes the algae as a nature-based solution to all […]

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