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VItamin D: Important for Bone and Muscle Health

ABM   Two different forms of Vitamin D are sold: vitamin D2, and vitamin D3. Without getting into the complicated chemistry of these two forms, it’s important to know that vitamin D2 may have lower potency. So, if you are choosing to supplement, you may want to choose D3. When vitamin D first reaches your […]

Denise’s transformation story | Black Weight Loss Success

Ajima Jackson Transformation of the Day: Denise shared her fitness transformation story with us. Her journey began in 2018 and now she’s a Womens Wellness Coach helping women navigate Menopause. Check out how she changed her eating habits and her workout routine. Social Media:Instagram: @dnyce_fitnesswww.dnycefitness.co.uk I’m a 56-year-old mother of one. By day, I work as an […]

5 great shoulder exercises for better muscle gains

Tired of doing the same old shoulder workouts? Here are five powerful alternatives to take your training to the next level /health/fitness/fitness-workout-shoulder-exercise-arnold-press-111704653478276.html 111704653478276 story Changing up a routine is great, especially when it comes to workouts. Do the same exercises for weeks on end, and they can become boring and tedious. Adding some new movements […]

Fitness: Four great ways to beat muscle soreness

As we step into the new year, say no to muscle soreness with these great new massage tools /health/fitness/fitness-soreness-exercise-gym-111704056781138.html 111704056781138 story If there is one thing you don’t want in 2024, it is an excess of soreness after playing a sport or performing a workout.  While stretching and sports massage would certainly help in keeping […]

4 common fitness mistakes causing muscle loss

Some people make fitness mistakes that cause muscle loss instead of muscle gain! Let’s see if you are one of them. If you have been sweating out at the gym and watching your weight, but are still unable to get the muscles of your dreams, read on. We may not realise it sometimes, but common […]

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