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Book excerpt: The familiarity of dreams

In this excerpt from ‘Notes On A Marriage’, a novella about the nature of marriage, Anju, who has been married for 20 years, considers the nature of stability and dreams /relationships/it-s-complicated/book-notes-on-a-marriage-selma-carvalho-fiction-111705985468236.html 111705985468236 story Snow arrives in a fury. It falls softly at first, gracefully, and then without warning it whips into a blind storm—trees flapping, […]

Jane Fonda Worried About Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck’s Marriage – Says They’re ‘Trying To Prove Something’?!

Perez Hilton Jane Fonda isn’t afraid to give Jennifer Lopez her very honest opinion about her marriage with Ben Affleck! When J.Lo asked her Monster-in-Law co-star to be a part of her musical film This Is Me … Now: A Love Story, she apparently had one major concern about it. Why? Jane was skeptical about the excessive […]

Does our parents’ bond shape our view of love and relationships?

People often get influenced by patterns they grew up seeing in their parents’ or grandparents’ relationships, whether it is emotional closeness or distance /relationships/it-s-complicated/people-mirror-patterns-seen-in-parents-relationships-emotional-closeness-or-distance-111705213006886.html 111705213006886 story Growing up, I often heard my father say that he had four kids: my two younger brothers, me, and my mother. He said it fondly as to my mother, […]

Lounge Fiction Special: ‘Unni Nair and Sumathi’ by Manu Bhattathiri

A middle-aged couple learns to listen to each other /relationships/it-s-complicated/lounge-fiction-special-unni-nair-and-sumathi-by-manu-bhattathiri-111704350864254.html 111704350864254 story They were sitting on their porch breathing the milk in the evening air. Unni Nair looked up at the moon and said: “The cows are yielding well. I think that feed Rameshan suggested is good.” “Hmm,” said his wife Sumathi. Her tired eyes […]

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