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Study asks women not to ignore issues like irregular menstruation and PCOS

Female reproductive milestones like early age of first menstruation, PCOS, and weight change during pregnancy may increase women’s risk of developing metabolic diseases later in life /health/wellness/harvard-research-womens-reproductive-health-pcos-diabetes-high-cholesterol-111707038965043.html 111707038965043 story Researchers at Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute conducted a new study of current literature, revealing that female reproductive features may be ignored as risk factors for […]

10 signs of attachment issues

Attachment issues are not limited to childhood. They can also be seen in adult relationships. Here are some signs of attachment issues. You can be attached to your parents, siblings, romantic partners, friends, or pets. An attachment is basically an emotional bond between individuals. Do you find it difficult to form healthy relationships? Is it […]

Energy drinks linked to sleep issues among students: Study

A new study found having an energy drink just one to three times a month was linked to an increased risk of sleep problems /health/wellness/energy-drinks-sleep-issues-insomnia-students-111706521612985.html 111706521612985 story A new study has found that consumption of energy drinks can lead to poor quality sleep and insomnia among college students. The findings showed that the higher the […]

10 signs of commitment issues in a relationship

Fear of commitment is a common problem these days. People dread the idea of committing their whole to someone feeling that relationships these days won’t last long, leaving behind a deep scar. Get to know some of the common signs of commitment issues. The idea of modern dating has made people accessible, but with more […]

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