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6 best barbells for strength building at home

Want to build muscle mass and improve bone health? Include these best barbells in your workout routine to build strength. A healthy life requires maintaining your physical as well as mental fitness. Apart from eating healthy and balanced meals, you also need to pay attention to fitness. Strength exercises and building endurance is an important […]

5 home remedies to deal with a bladder infection

Bladder infections can happen due to a plethora of reasons. You can try these 5 home remedies for bladder infections that can help soothe the symptoms. Bladder infection is a common health problem women face. Often caused by bacteria entering the urinary tract, bladder infections can lead to inflammation and discomfort. Its symptoms include frequent […]

5 best rowing machines for epic home workouts

Embark on a fitness journey by choosing from the 5 best rowing machines, guaranteed to transform your home workouts. From Dolphy’s adjustable resistance to Flexnest’s smart Bluetooth-enabled marvel, we’ve got the lowdown on the best rowing machines in India. Tired of mundane home workouts? Try riding the rowing revolution! Some of the best rowing machines […]

Why it’s important to pet-proof your home

Musafir, my golden retriever, was four months old when we brought him home. Within a week, while I was having breakfast, he wandered into the kitchen and came out with a knife in his mouth. My heart skipped a beat. As a veterinarian, my immediate response was to assess potential risks and scenarios. Thankfully, Musafir […]

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