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VItamin D: Important for Bone and Muscle Health

ABM   Two different forms of Vitamin D are sold: vitamin D2, and vitamin D3. Without getting into the complicated chemistry of these two forms, it’s important to know that vitamin D2 may have lower potency. So, if you are choosing to supplement, you may want to choose D3. When vitamin D first reaches your […]

Shanay Alexis lost 100 pounds

Ajima Jackson Transformation of the Day: Shanay Alexis shares how she lost 100 pounds. The journey wasn’t just about weight for her. It was about rediscovering herself, understanding nutrition, and embracing a lifestyle that promotes wellness and well-being. Social Media:Facebook.com/shanay.alexiswww.balancedbawse.com I’m excited to share a little about my journey with you. I’ve experienced a transformation that […]

The Impact of Family Dynamics on Oral Health

Digital Resource We all know the importance of our family. They’re where we share happiness and laughter, and sometimes, face challenges. Among those challenges, oral health may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but it’s an essential aspect of our well-being. Let’s learn how family dynamics affect our oral health and the […]

Nudges in Food Choice Design

Researchers analyze how personal traits and nudges in food choice design impact acceptance, conducting an online survey across five scenarios and tweaking one design aspect to gauge public response, as published in BMC Public Health (1 Trusted SourcePublic acceptance of default nudges to promote healthy and sustainable food choices Go to source ). You may […]

Finding gut health at the supermarket

A rising interest in gut health is spurring leading supermarket and retail chains in India to stock up on gut-friendly foods their customers want /health/wellness/good-gut-health-super-markets-probiotics-prebiotics-111708357233176.html 111708357233176 story In a landscape saturated with wellness trends, the subject of gut health seems to soldier on—inspiring everyone from researchers to wellness gurus to study it and advocate diets […]

Navigating Maternal Mental Health

Impact of familial health and proximity on maternal antidepressant usage has been highlighted by a new study, with lower rates observed when parents and parents-in-law are healthy and close, contrasting with higher usage among mothers with elderly, distant relatives in poor health, possibly due to increased caregiving responsibilities, as published in the peer-reviewed journal Population […]

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