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New AI model could guide personalised treatments for tuberculosis: Study

A new study has found a way to use a novel AI model to predict treatment outcomes of tuberculosis patients, which could lead to personalisation of their treatment /health/wellness/ai-model-personalised-treatments-tuberculosis-111707819463956.html 111707819463956 story With rapid advancements in the artificial intelligence landscape, scientists are using it to make diagnoses and treatments faster and individual-specific. Now, a new study […]

Weekend fitness guide to getting the most out of your workout

Whether you play a sport or whether you just love being active, the Lounge weekend fitness roundup has the best advice for you /health/fitness/fitness-running-ultracycling-exercise-workout-111702643821290.html 111702643821290 story Hello and welcome to another edition of the Lounge Fitness roundup. Every weekend, we bring you the best of our health and fitness stories from the week, stories that […]

Guide to ITB For Industry and Travel Influencers

Travel Dudes Welcome to ITB Berlin! ITB is the biggest and also one of the most important travel trade fairs in the world. And no, it’s not just for the German market, it’s international! First-timers will find it simply massive and overwhelming! Others who have been before will find it huge and stressful, especially if […]

Capital art: Your guide to art shows to visit in and around Delhi

From internationally acclaimed Alicja Kwade’s solo exhibition to the third edition of Jaipur Art Week, a compilation of the shows you must not miss /how-to-lounge/art-culture/guide-to-art-shows-india-art-fair-delhi-jaipur-art-week-indian-contemporary-art-111706198834907.html 111706198834907 story An Elusive PursuitBerlin-based artist Alicja Kwade will be presenting her first solo exhibition in India titled Matter Moments. Presented by gallery Nature Morte, the show has the artist […]

Beginners Guide to the 7 Major Chakras

Brit Yeager You’ve taken a yoga class or two. While you may not think of yourself as a yogi quite yet, you know the difference between mountain pose and chaturanga. But your instructor keeps tossing around one word that throws you off balance (literally!) every time — chakras. Cakra is Sanskrit for “wheel,” and this yoga term refers […]

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