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Support groups help teams cope with a colleague’s death

Leadership training and employee handbooks rarely cover the subject of coping with the death of a colleague /relationships/it-s-complicated/grief-support-office-workplace-death-colleague-111703587105523.html 111703587105523 story Nearly a year after a colleague died, I learnt about her death through social media. Not only did it come as a shock, it pushed me into an abyss of guilt. I scrolled through our […]

Grief looms over Sleater-Kinney’s ‘Little Rope’

Late in 2022, Carrie Brownstein—one half of the influential feminist rock act Sleater-Kinney—was on the way to the studio when she got a call from long-time friend and bandmate Corin Tucker. Someone at the US embassy in Italy was trying to get in touch with Brownstein. Suspecting that it was a prank, she passed the […]

The stages of grief: How to deal with loss and pain?

Understanding the various stages of grief helps us deal with our feelings constructively. Read on to know more Grief in unavoidable as we go through life. People present grief in various ways – some cry, some remain in denial while others might withdraw from situations and those around them. However, in order to constructively deal […]

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