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Celebrating the floral fragrances of India with a French twist

Good Earth brings LilaNur Parfums, a French luxury perfume brand that focuses on Indian ingredients, to India. Perfumer Honorine Blanc and Anita Lal talk about the uniqueness of the country’s ingredients /fashion/beauty/perfume-floral-fragrance-india-good-earth-lilanur-111701921123436.html 111701921123436 story The luxury market is dominated by international fragrances, many of which use Indian raw materials like jasmine of Tamil Nadu and […]

Zelenskyy seeks German, French support as Russia tightens noose on Avdiivka | Russia-Ukraine war News

Ukraine president’s trip to Berlin and Paris comes as battle for eastern city, one of the bloodiest in near two-year war, rages. Ukraine’s army says heavy battles are raging with pressing Russian forces in the front-line city of Avdiivka, as President Volodymyr Zelenskyy embarked on a mini-European tour in a new attempt to secure much-needed […]

How French film is quietly becoming more diverse

Though France’s cultural gatekeepers still bristle at the idea of mixing social issues with creativity, there has been some progress /how-to-lounge/movies-tv/french-film-diversity-race-omar-sy-111706764375410.html 111706764375410 story “Vermin”, a horror film about killer spiders invading a run-down apartment block, has become the first hit of the year in France. The eight-legged critters are not the only surprise in the […]

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