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Book excerpt: The familiarity of dreams

In this excerpt from ‘Notes On A Marriage’, a novella about the nature of marriage, Anju, who has been married for 20 years, considers the nature of stability and dreams /relationships/it-s-complicated/book-notes-on-a-marriage-selma-carvalho-fiction-111705985468236.html 111705985468236 story Snow arrives in a fury. It falls softly at first, gracefully, and then without warning it whips into a blind storm—trees flapping, […]

Lounge Fiction Special: ‘Unni Nair and Sumathi’ by Manu Bhattathiri

A middle-aged couple learns to listen to each other /relationships/it-s-complicated/lounge-fiction-special-unni-nair-and-sumathi-by-manu-bhattathiri-111704350864254.html 111704350864254 story They were sitting on their porch breathing the milk in the evening air. Unni Nair looked up at the moon and said: “The cows are yielding well. I think that feed Rameshan suggested is good.” “Hmm,” said his wife Sumathi. Her tired eyes […]

Lounge Fiction Special: ‘Just friends’ by Shastri Akella

Prashant finds that secrets shared over dessert are always special /relationships/it-s-complicated/lounge-fiction-special-just-friends-by-shastri-akella-111704605317215.html 111704605317215 story Prashant learned, over lunch, that Ammamma would soon be living with them. The assisted facility, her home for six years, was closing until the lockdown ended. He’d be sharing his room with her. Which meant no more privacy with his boyfriend. Amma […]

Lounge Fiction Special: ‘Gisela on a snowy night’ by Tejaswini Apte-Rahm

It’s a sunless, cold winter, and the snow is laden with dark memories for Gisela and Kurt /relationships/it-s-complicated/lounge-fiction-special-gisela-on-a-snowy-night-tejaswini-apte-rahm-111704519139031.html 111704519139031 story 1975. Clouds hung low and brooding over a village with a church spire in the centre, huddled on a plain under the weight of a colossal night sky. Snow lay thick on the roofs of […]

Lounge Fiction Special: ‘In-flight Readings’ by Vikramajit Ram

A doctor making a fraught journey finds that matters of the heart are set to spring a surprise when there is a mid-air emergency /relationships/it-s-complicated/lounge-fiction-special-in-flight-readings-by-vikramajit-ram-111704440500887.html 111704440500887 story Forty minutes to touchdown, we have a situation. “Is there a doctor on board?” says the flight attendant in the front-row aisle. The hush is immediate. Even a […]

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