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George Costanza writes a fan letter to Larry David

Larry David bottled lightning—and he did it twice. He co-created Seinfeld (Netflix), a show that aired from 1989-98 and yet continues to colour our social lexicon, still giving words and phrases to modern-day foibles and issues. He went on to make Curb Your Enthusiasm (JioCinema) a show about a mean-spirited version of himself that, after […]

David Corenswet’s Superman Physique Progress Shown In Jaw-dropping Before & After Photos

Rick Lemoine Before and after photos of Superman: Legacy star David Corenswet, who is set to embody in the DC Universe reboot by James Gunn and Peter Safran, are circulating across social media platforms, showcasing the actor’s impressive physical transformation. The first photo, snapped in May 2023, presents Corenswet before undergoing his training regimen. Fast […]

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