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Self care is extremely important to me, says Deepika Padukone

As 82°E completes one year, the actor-enterpreneur and Jigar Shah talk about the evolution of their self-care brand and future plans /fashion/beauty/self-care-beauty-deepika-padukone-111704433159684.html 111704433159684 story Deepika Padukone wants 82°E, the brand she co-created and launched in November 2022, to stand for “self care”.  “Self care is extremely, extremely important to me,” she says. “And I want […]

Phone-based psychological care could combat loneliness, depression: Study

A new study shows that psychological care provided through phone calls could prevent loneliness as well as depression. /health/wellness/phone-based-psychological-care-loneliness-depression-111707211052258.html 111707211052258 story Loneliness is a pressing global health threat, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared in November last year. US Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy even said the mortality effect of loneliness is equivalent to smoking […]

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